About Us

Cornerstone Youth Services Inc. (CYS) delivers a broad range of services to our community of young people aged 12 to 25 in North and North-West Tasmania. We focus on health promotion, prevention, education, early intervention and developing help-seeking behaviours. Our services to the young people of Launceston include access to ‘no charge’ GP's, Youth Health Nurses, Drug & Alcohol, Social and Youth Workers and Allied Health.  We also provide individual and group support and activities; school programs; advocacy to access many other services to improve general or specific health and wellbeing.

For information on how to access our services please click here.

Alison Filgate, Kim Gawne, Simon Hogan and Claire Stucas from headspace. Photo courtesy of Alison Filgate

Our Mission 

Lead with relevance in youth health and wellbeing


Our Vision 

Contribute to happier and healthier young people in our community


Our Values

  • Connect with and 'get' young people, in their own space
  • Develop collaborative partnerships
  • Respect diversity
  • To innovate with distinction


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Annual Report


Annual Report


Annual Report


Annual Report


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